Income Tax Return - Individual

  • PAYG Payment Summary
  • Interest income from banks and Other institutes & Societies
  • Dividend statements for dividends received
  • Tax statements of managed investment funds
  • Rental property statements from real estate agent and details of other expenditure incurred
  • For share sales or purchases, the purchase and sale contract notes
  • Any expenses related to your work you have not claimed from your employer
  • Travel expenses
    • Donations to charities
    • Payments for income protection
  • Private Health insurance statements


  • Annual Rental Statement from Real Estate
  • Council Rates
  • Strata Rates/Body Corporate Fee
  • Water Rates
  • Loan Statements for Interest & Bank Charges
  • Property Insurance Details
  • Details of Borrowing Expenses/LMI/Loan establishment Fee
  • Invoices for any repairs & Maintenance
  • Quantitiy Survey Report / Depreciation Schedule
  • Land Tax Statement
  • Othr Expenses

Business Tax Return (Individual/Company/Trust/Partnership)

  • Accounts data file
  • Debtors & creditors reconciliation
  • Stock take if applicable
  • 30 June bank statements on all relevant loan documents
  • Documents on new assets bought or sold, including the date you entered the contract and the date the asset was first used or installed ready for use
  • Payroll reconciliation
  • Superannuation reconciliation
  • Bank statements on operating accounts
  • Cash book (if applicable) / ledger
  • 30 June statements on any investment or operating accounts