Are you a small business in NSW that has generated an Employment position?

You might be eligible for a grant up to $2000/new position.

How C&S can help you claim your grant.

1. Evaluating your eligibility

We determine your eligibility based on your Sales Turnover, Tax history and compensation paid to your employees.

2. Documentation & Lodgment

Once you get in touch with us you do not need to worry about any documents and tedious process of lodgment as we process all necessary documentations on your behalf.

3. Follow up

Processing grants involves multiple phases. C&S keeps track of your application doing necessary updates/follow-up, considerably minimizing chances of delays.

4. Outcome

Considering successful completion of eligibility criterion, we ensure smooth receival of entitled benefits of clients.

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Q1. What is a small business?

A small business entity is a sole trader, partnership, company or trust that operates a business for all or part of the income year, and has an aggregated turnover less than $10 million (the turnover threshold)

Q2. What is an Eligible new Employment?

A new job is when the number of New South Wales Full-Time-Employment employees increases and is maintained over a 12-month period. Any new job created on or after 1 July 2015 and before 1 July 2019 can be registered for the grant.
  • A full-time job is a position where an employee’s standard or average hours worked per week is 35 hours or more.
  • A casual employee who works a standard or average of 35 hours or more per week is considered a full-time employee for the purposes of the grant.

Q3. What is payroll tax ?

Payroll tax is a state tax. It's assessed on the wages paid or payable to employees by an employer (or group of employers) whose total Australian taxable wages exceed the threshold amount. If you're an employer who pay wages in NSW, you must register for payroll tax if your total Australian wages exceed the relevant monthly threshold. If you're a member of a group, the total Australian wages paid by all members of the group determines whether you should register for payroll tax.

Q4. How long does it take to receive the grant post application lodgment?

Post application lodgment the Grant approval and payment is made ideally in 28 working days. However, if there are updating required to the application, this might delay the payment time to 35 working days. At C&S, we keep track of your application and do the necessary updating.

Q.5 How is the Payment made?

Ideally made in 28 working days to the provided bank account by the NSW state government